Axe Throwing Date Night in Utah, Idaho, & Washington

Don't keep settling for run of the mill date night activities like mini golf or the movie theater.  The axe throwing games  you can play as a group are a great way to mix it up and try something new and exciting for your date night! 

If you are looking for unique group date ideas in Utah, Washington, and Idaho, you may have some selective criteria or perhaps you have big expectations. Are you looking for something exciting that anyone can enjoy? Check! An opportunity to impress your date with your expert marksmanship? Check! Something you can enjoy while getting to know each other better, sipping a cold soda, and unleashing your inner lumberjack or jill? Check, check, check! 

We love hosting group dates and even offer the best rates for large groups. Come see for yourself why Heber Hatchets is the unique group date you need to try!

young people talking during a group date at Heber Hatchets


Availability and group options vary by location. We do allow walk-in sessions for 1-3 people, but if you are going to be joining us with a group of 4 or more, please book a session with us. Heber Hatchets also offers special packages and group pricing. Select the Heber Hatchets location closest to you and book your axe throwing date night now!



Many first timers wonder, is axe throwing a good date idea? Many first time visitors have a great time axe throwing and it is easy to learn how to throw an axe. Read our reviews to learn about other people’s experience axe throwing at Heber Hatchets.  Here are a few reasons why we think it will be the perfect date idea:

It's Different!

Who doesn't want to feel like a viking warrior or a backwoods lumberjack?

Make date night an adventure with the rush of throwing real axes! At Heber Hatchets, we have a variety of hatchet throwing games ready for your group to play. First-timers are often a little hesitant at first, but once they get one to sink deep into the bullseye with that satisfying *thunk* sound, it's hard to put the axe down!

We guarantee you will have one of the most memorable dates ever!

It's Social!

Get ready for lots of fist-bumps, high-fives and victory celebrations— the Heber Hatchets experience is best enjoyed in groups! The layout of our venues allow for a great view of your fellow throwers as well as space for food, drink, and maybe even a little trash talk. Even if your date isn't the competitive type, you'll still have a great time unleashing your inner lumberjack or jill while making some fun memories!

It's Affordable!

Date night can really do some damage to your wallet. But we at Heber Hatchets want to make sure your axe throwing date night allows you  to experience the unique thrill of our axe throwing games without breaking the bank.

Not only is Heber Hatchets among the most affordable axe throwing venues you'll find anywhere, but we are also happy to offer especially low rates for larger groups. We love hosting date night and work to make sure you leave knowing you got your money's worth, plus a little extra!

So, there's no need to worry about what you should do the next time someone suggests a group date. Bring the crew down to Heber Hatchets for a unique backwoods-style thrill everyone will enjoy! Your date and your wallet will thank you.

Book your next axe throwing date in Utah, Idaho, or Washing with Heber Hatchets today!