Axe Throwing Bachelor & Bachelorette Party in Utah, IDAHO, AND WASHINGTON

It’s no surprise that people who are about to tie the knot want a memorable activity to celebrate the last day of singlehood before they walk down the aisle and say, “I do.” Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have a joyful, entertaining, and incredible night that invitees will remember.

Instead of just sitting around and sipping fruity drinks, consider getting creative and opting for a night of axe throwing.  Heber Hatchets is pleased to operate in three states: Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

Our locations include Salt Lake City, Logan, and Provo Utah; Pocatello, and Rexburg Idaho; and Spokane, and Kennewick Washington.

Heber Hatchets Knows How to Celebrate a Wedding

Heber Hatchets will help you through the best bachelor or bachelorette party in Utah, Idaho, or Washington! We've had some super fun groups come in to celebrate their bride and groom-to-be, and many have told us how surprised they are by how much they enjoyed it! 

Read more about why you should celebrate with an axe-throwing bachelor and bachelorette party in Utah.


Why Choose Axe Throwing?

Let’s face it: bars, nightclubs, fancy dinners, and even small hikes around the city in your area can get cliché and outdated. Sure, it’s nice to celebrate your best friend’s big day with an activity everyone enjoys and feels comfortable doing. But sometimes, it’s best to step outside your comfort zone by trying something new. 

Not sure if this activity is right for your party? Here are seven reasons why an axe-throwing bachelor and bachelorette party is a solid idea and why Heber Hatchets is the best axe-throwing establishment in Utah, Idaho, or Washington.

Easy to Play

Contrary to what some people might think, axe throwing at an establishment is not difficult, so there’s no need to worry about feeling embarrassed. Trust us, all newbies have felt the same way at one point or another. Forget about feeling ashamed because you missed the bullseye target, especially if it’s your first time hosting an axe-throwing party.

Your friends are trying to get the hang of it, too.

A Unique Experience

How many Instagram posts of the same old “normal” bachelorette parties have you seen? Do any of those posts include friends holding axes with a bullseye target behind them? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

If you’re the maid of honor, hosting an axe-throwing bachelorette party in Utah, Idaho, and Washington is a sure way to escape familiarity and surprise the bride-to-be with something unique, enticing, and enjoyable. Plus, axe throwing can be an excellent activity for treating your gals to something competitive that keeps them moving.

Skip the fancy dance clubs and parties and opt for something different from the norm.

Competition and Adrenaline

Who said bachelor or bachelorette parties have to be level-headed? Plus, let’s be honest— guys can get competitive. Yeah, it’s just fun and games, but honestly, they want to win! Competition makes a social gathering all the more enjoyable, especially for a best mate’s last night being single. 

An axe-throwing bachelor party in Utah, Idaho, or Washington is a sure way to help your friends express their competitive side in a lumberjack-type environment. Each of our axe-throwing locations varies in size, but is accommodating for special groups and can help you have a memorable bachelor party and celebration. Cut the boys loose at one of our establishments and see who gets fired up. Just remember to keep it civil. 

A Safe But Fun Activity

It may seem as if axe throwing is dangerous, but our establishment has safety measures in place to mitigate on-site injuries. Our party package contains dedicated coaching services to instruct your group on safely handling and throwing an axe. 

While it may take some time to perfect the art of hitting a bullseye, we’re sure the training will entertain your wedding party friends. If you want more information on axe throwing, check out our FAQ section

Mental Relief

Maybe you didn’t envision a workout routine as part of a bachelor party. However, why not enjoy the strength training that comes with axe throwing? When throwing an axe correctly you can strengthen your abs, arms, legs, pecs, and back which means you can stay in shape before the your big day! 

In between axe throwing you can chat with your friends. Axe throwing can provide much-needed break to spend time with friends in a fun, but less intense environment. If you’re in charge of planning the big day, this is definitely a big reason!


While the sport is intense, our atmosphere is relaxed. You play at your pace, and those waiting to throw can sit at the table with drinks and food to chat and catch up. We don't allow alcohol at Heber Hatchets, but you’re welcome to bring in food or order from one of our catering partners.

Our goal is to provide a venue for your party where you can have fun and enjoy your time together, celebrating your friend’s big day. You can't go wrong with Heber Hatchets!


We are happy to be the most affordable axe-throwing arena around and among the most affordable entertainment options. We know the whole experience is fun when you can play it with others, like a bachelorette party, so we offer lower rates for larger groups. When you book eight or more people together, it's only $10 per person!

Check out our pricing page for more information on our rates and feel free to call our team with questions. We will be happy to help answer any questions and ensure you have the best experience possible.

Photo Gallery

Want to see what a bachelor or a bachelorette night looks like at Herber Hatchets? Check out our gallery below.


Customized Party Packages

Whether you need to host a Utah, Idaho, or Washington axe-throwing party, Heber Hatchets can accommodate pre-wedding celebrations. We have room for up to 50 axe throwers at a time. The bachelor party package includes giveaways and prizes, exclusive group games, and even a custom tournament with a trophy for the winner. 

Our axe-throwing experience is among the most unique and exciting two hours of adventure you can find. Our team is ready to accommodate any specific party requests. If you want food, a special music playlist, or anything else we can do to help the party be just right, we're here to make it happen. But please keep in mind that we make sure to always keep things family-friendly over here.

Our party package includes:

  • Two-hour session
  • Bottomless soda by the mug (varies by location)
  • Giveaways and prizes
  • Group names
  • Coaching
  • Golden Axe Trophy for winning team

Packing Pricing

Up to 10 people = $399
  1. Prizes: 1 Mug, 2 stickers, 1 Gift Card ($25)
  2. 1 Coach
Up to 20 people = $799
  1. Prizes: 2 Mugs,4 stickers, 2 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 1 Coach
Up to 30 people = $1,199
  1. Prizes: 3 Mugs, 6 stickers, 3 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 2 Coaches
Up to 40 people = $1,599
  1. Prizes: 4 Mugs, 8 stickers, 4 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 2 Coaches
Up to 50 people = $1,999
  1. Prizes: 5 Mugs, 10 stickers, 5 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 3 Coaches
Up to 60 people = $2,399
  1. Prizes: 6 Mugs, 12 stickers, 6 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 3 Coaches
Up to 70 people = $2,799
  1. Prizes: 7 Mugs, 14 stickers, 7 Gift Cards ($25)
  2. 4 Coaches

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