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How to Throw An Axe With These Simple Steps

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How to throw- AXE FACTS for success!

The Grip

  • Keep the axe blade pointed straight at the target through the whole motion.
  • Holding your thumb against the back of the axe handle will help it stay straight and give you more accuracy.
  • Start with the axe held out in front of you; do not start with it behind your head.

how to throw axe - grip

The Swing

There are 3 ways you can throw an axe: two-handed overhead, one-handed overhead, and underhand.

For beginners, learning how to throw axe two-handed is usually the easiest, so that is the one we teach our guests at Heber Hatchets:

  • Dominant hand on top, both hands toward bottom of axe handle.
  • Bring the axe behind your head, straight back (not to one side)
  • One fluid motion as you swing your arms up. You shouldn’t be speeding up or slowing down as you complete your throw.

how to throw axe - swing

The Release

  • Release when the axe is almost right in front of your face, but don’t let your arms stop there!
  • Finish with a follow through after the release (hands by your sides or even behind you). This may sound picky, but it really helps you get the right rotation, trust us!
  • Don’t worry about flicking your wrists very much- the axe will rotate on its own if thrown with some power.
  • These two things may sound similar, but you’re not so much throwing the axe as you are releasing the axe at the right moment. If that’s confusing, your coach at Heber Hatchets can explain it to you better. But the best way to get it right is just to practice, and feel it out for yourself!

how to throw axe - release

Now that you know how to throw, axe throwing can become your new “thing”. Come try it out! We have locations in Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

Check out this axe throwing trick shots video of Heber The Hatchet Man and friends!