Our Prices: Cost of Axe Throwing at Heber Hatchets

At Heber Hatchets, axe throwing pricing is charged per-person. The cost of axe throwing and price per-person depends on the length of your reservation and how many people are in your group. (Larger groups = Less $ per person)

All prices are per-hour

1–3 people = $14.99/person

4–7 people = $11.99/person

8+ people = $9.99/person

Special Packages

For special occasions, we also offer some unique package experiences to help make your party or event perfect!

These special packages include extra fun and perks beyond the normal axe throwing games: prizes and giveaways, bottomless lumberjack soda, a private tournament, exclusive games and more! Some of our special packages include bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, youth groups, and group dates! We also offer other special group packages at each location!

The cost of axe throwing for these packages is more than regular bookings, but well worth the price. We want your next special event to be well worth it, providing a unique experience every time. Get ready for the ultimate in axe throwing entertainment!

NOTE: The maximum guest capacity varies between Heber Hatchets locations. Check out the group package details for specific venues here.

Up to 10 people = $300
Prizes: 1 Mug, 1 T-Shirt, 1 Gift Card ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 20 people = $600
Prizes: 2 Mugs, 2 T-Shirts, 2 Gift Cards ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 30 people = $900
Prizes: 3 Mugs, 3 T-Shirts, 3 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 40 people = $1,200
Prizes: 4 Mugs, 4 T-Shirts, 4 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 50 people = $1,500
Prizes: 5 Mugs, 5 T-Shirts, 5 Gift Cards ($25)
3 Coaches

Up to 60 people = $1,800
Prizes: 6 Mugs, 6 T-Shirts, 6 Gift Cards ($25)
3 Coaches

Up to 70 people = $2,100
Prizes: 7 Mugs, 7 T-Shirts, 7 Gift Cards ($25)
4 Coaches

Book a Heber Hatchets package for your next special event at one of our axe throwing locations!