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In light of the COVID-19 challenge, we strongly encourage online bookings when possible, as opposed to walk-in bookings. We will continue doing our best to keep our venue safe.

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Axe Throwing in Pocatello, Idaho

Axe throwing has become a popular entertainment option that is popping up all over Idaho. It combines the perfect balance of competition and learning new skills, all in a fun, entertaining environment that is perfect for anyone and everyone. 

Idahoans are all about getting outside and experiencing nature through hunting, fishing, and hiking, so why not try your hand at your ability to throw an axe? You never know when that could be a useful skill, and as it turns out, it can be pretty fun and exciting too. 

We at Heber Hatchets want to help you unleash the lumberjack inside with our axe throwing games in Pocatello. What are you waiting for?

Why Axe Throwing?

It's unique, it's exciting, it's a little bit crazy, and it's a chance to show off in front of your date or your friends! (Or for them to show off in front of you.) 

People have been throwing axes for more than a millennium, but the sport certainly has spiked in popularity over the last couple of years. Many people find the thrill of mastering the throwing technique very exhilarating. And there’s almost nothing more satisfying than sinking your axe in the center of the wooden target. 

Axe throwing is a sport that tests your accuracy in chucking real axes into real wood targets to score points. Our Heber Hatchets location in Pocatello offers a variety of different games you can try, all of which will get you hooked on the competition factor this fun new pastime offers. People tell us all the time that their first visit was way more fun than they even expected it to be!

Axe Throwing with Heber Hatchets

Whether you’re arriving for your first time or are a veteran axe thrower, our Pocatello staff will be ready and eager to make sure you know the proper technique to help everyone stay safe and be successful hitting the mark. They’ll walk you through the proper throwing technique and make sure to outline the safety rules before letting you and your group have at it. 

It usually only takes a few practice flings to get the feel for it and start sticking bullseyes like Paul Bunyan himself! Maybe you can even work on some trick shots after you've got the basics down. You should definitely try your hand at all the axe throwing games we have available for you. They test your accuracy, precision, and power. 

Axe throwing is unlike any other thing to do in Pocatello. It’s perfect for throwers young and old, lumberjacks and lumberjills. We especially love hosting special events for large groups. We have special group package options you can customize for your next: 

  • Party
  • Corporate event
  • Group date night

We know how to host! We've even had a few bachelorette parties stop by for a game! The unique thrill of axe throwing beats bowling any day.

Perfect Fun for Friends and Family

Axe throwing in Pocatello is the perfect place to enjoy a night out with family or friends. We don’t serve alcoholic drinks, so the atmosphere is always friendly and safe. And our rules and guidelines are in place so that no one will ever be in any danger. You’re welcome to bring your own food to make it a dinner party, and we’ve got bottomless soda options for your group. And our soda mugs? They’re awesome.

So, whether you're looking for a chance to impress your friends, demonstrate your manliness, or just switch it up with something different on a Friday night, we've got what you need at Heber Hatchets in Pocatello. Flannel and beards are not required, but we do encourage them if you want to enjoy the full Heber Hatchets experience *wink*!

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There’s no longer any need for you to be wondering where you can find axe throwing in Pocatello. Our store is located off of Center Street and is easy to find! Come check us out and unleash your inner lumberjack!