Our Idaho Locations

A group of men pose for a picture with their axes at Heber Hatchets

Pocatello, ID

504 E Center Street
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 252-5034

A bachelorette party group poses with their axes at Heber Hatchets

Rexburg, ID

153 N 2nd E Street
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 656-5884

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Axe throwing is sweeping the nation and we've been building one of the best multi-location brands! For more information on starting a Heber Hatchets franchise, send us an email at Franchising@HeberHatchets.com

We look forward to discussing a potential future together!

What makes Heber Hatchets
#1 in Idaho Axe Throwing?

Can you think of any activity more "Idaho" than axe throwing?

More than just chucking a hatchet at a stump, axe throwing games involve a wood target, scoring, and friendly competition. It's an exciting activity that beats bowling or mini golf any day! And if you're eager to try axe throwing, Idaho is a great place to be. Heber Hatchets has multiple locations across Idaho cities is still expanding!

So put on your best flannel, comb your beard, and get ready for an authentic lumberjack experience with us. If you're like the many Idaho friends we've had check us out so far, you'll become an axe throwing fan in no time!

Axe Throwing: Idaho's New "Thing to Do"

Heber Hatchets is more than just hucking a hatchet at a target (although, that still sounds entertaining, right?!) We pride ourselves on providing fun things to do with your family, friends, and significant other. Join us for unique entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

When you book an axe throwing session with us, you'll have a wide variety of games to play. All of our lumberjack games require a different kind of skill to win: accuracy, consistency, bluffing, and even a little luck! We're happy to suggest game options if you'd like.

We believe that everyone has a lumberjack or jill inside of them waiting to be unleashed, and we go all in on providing the authentic lumberjack experience. As soon as you step in our doors you'll be hit with the familiar scent of Idaho spruce and pine in the air, friendly flanneled hosts, and the satisfying thunk of axe sinking into wood. Even the city-folk get excited right away!

We are told often by our guests that they are surprised by how much fun they have with us. What can we say—we know how to throw a backwoods party!

So whether you're an Idaho resident or visitor, come check out one of our Heber Hatchets locations in Rexburg or Pocatello, ID for some family fun. Get ready to unleash your inner lumberjack!

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