In response to the risk of COVID-19, this location is temporarily closed until further notice.

We look forward to opening again for axe throwing fun as soon as we can. Be smart and stay healthy!

- The Heber Hatchets Team

What Makes Heber Hatchets #1 in Axe Throwing?

Simply put, we love axe throwing. We love every aspect of this emerging sport that has become the ultimate rage from coast to coast. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with the very best axe throwing experience possible. Heber Hatchets locations have been handcrafted to make this more than a fun night out, but an experience you won’t forget. We’re thrilled to offer the latest and greatest in family-friendly entertainment. Whether your face is bearded or softer than a baby’s bottom, welcome!

Axe Throwing: Utah's Ultimate Group Activity

Axe throwing may sound like a thing of the past—I mean, it’s not exactly a skill one requires these days—but, this age-old activity has been on the rise in the great state of Utah. Who doesn’t want to test their inner warrior?