Simply put, we love axe throwing! Every aspect of this emerging sport has taken over the nation, and we’ll provide you with the very best axe throwing experience possible. Heber Hatchets locations have been handcrafted to make this activity more than a fun night out and an experience you won’t forget. The latest and greatest in family-friendly entertainment is here, so whether your face is bearded or softer than a baby’s bottom, book your bay today at any of our Utah, Idaho, or Washington locations and unleash your inner lumberjack!

If you are looking for a new unique activity and want to step into the boots of a cowboy or cowgirl, click here and experience the thill of Cowboy Quickshot in Provo Utah today!


The price per hour depends on the length of your reservation, how many people are in your group, and your axe throwing location. The larger your group, the less each person will pay and vice versa.

NOTE: Throwers must be 11 years or older to be on the throwing floor. Heber Hatchets vets each of their throwing items for safety. Personal throwing items of any kind are not permitted. Have additional questions? Checkout our FAQ page.

*Prices vary for Special Group Package Options*

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Axe throwing has exploded over the past few years. To fill the demand for quality axe-throwing experiences, Heber Hatchets has set up locations in many states such as Utah, Washington, and Idaho. Trust our team of trained experts to help you understand the mechanics of throwing, and then enjoy quality time with friends or loved ones, playing games, and winning competitions.

This one of a kind experience is perfect for group dates, bachelor and bachelorette parties, youth groups, and corporate events. Learn more about our large group packages and pricing.


Axe throwing may sound like a thing of the past—I mean, it’s not exactly a skill one requires these days—but, this age-old activity has been on the rise throughout the country. There are many reasons to enjoy the experience, including the following:

  • Know What You're Capable Of: Who doesn’t want to test their inner lumberjack? Learning how to throw an axe can make you feel pretty good about yourself—as it should! 
  • Learn Something New: Axe throwing is new as of a few years ago, and it can be just as new and exciting for you today! There’s a tried and true method for proper throwing technique, which you’ll learn when you visit one of our locations
  • Compete with Friends and Family: A little friendly competition never hurts. Once you’ve mastered the skill of throwing, try your hand at accuracy and consistency with some games we’ve created around throwing. 
  • Discover a New Hobby: Who knows, maybe you’ll really get the hang of this new sport and want to compete at a higher level.


Our great locations were hand-picked to make it easier for you to get to us and enjoy some friendly competition or fun family time. Find the best axe throwing in these cities near you:

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Idaho Locations


Get in touch with us today to learn more about axe throwing with Heber Hatchets!