Axe Throwing Bachelor Party in Utah, Idaho, & Washington

Inside every man is an inner lumberjack, hungry for testosterone-fueled competition.

At Heber Hatchets, we embrace that. Bring the boys in for a manly time sure to satisfy your need for masculine bonding!

Bachelor party groups love the variety of axe throwing games we have available, the smell of pine sap in the air, and the chance to compete with the guys. Get ready for the high-fives, friendly trash-talk, and priceless memories!

a group of men pose during an axe throwing bachelor party

Bring the Boys!

Here's what you can expect from a bachelor party at Heber Hatchets:


Let's be honest—us guys can get a little competitive. Yeah, we know it's just fun and games, but if we're being honest, we want to win!

Well fear not—at Heber Hatchets, we have lots of different axe throwing games to play, which means multiple opportunities for you to prove your skill.


The rush you get when you see that axe stick in the bullseye with that satisfying *thunk* sound—it's well-worth the price of admission!

To get good at axe throwing, you'll need to use your whole body, and a little muscle! It gets your blood pumping and unleashes your inner lumberjack. Even the clean-shaven guy in your group will leave the bachelor party with more facial-hair than when he started!


While the sport is intense, our atmosphere is relaxed. You play at your own pace, and those waiting to throw can sit at the table with drinks and food to shoot the breeze and catch up.

We don't allow alcohol at Heber Hatchets, but welcome you to bring in your own food, or order from one of our catering partners.

Our goal is to provide a venue for your bachelor party where you can have fun, do something manly, and enjoy your time together celebrating your guy's big day. You can't go wrong with Heber Hatchets!