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Looking for something unique for your next event? An axe throwing party is a different, fun way to get everyone involved, whether you’re throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party, group date, or putting together a corporate event

At Heber Hatchets, we can help you curate a fun and exciting axe throwing event that’s perfect for all skill levels. Axe throwing is a fantastic experience, and our crew ensures that your party will be one to remember. We prioritize safety without forgetting the fun. Organize an axe throwing party and take advantage of our exclusive discounts for special occasions. We’re available for events in Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

While the maximum capacity varies by location, accommodations can be made for larger groups. We strive to provide an axe throwing event specifically tailored to your group. Want a team-building experience for work? Some friendly competition among birthday party guests? Or a unique bachelor/bachelorette party? Heber Hatchets can deliver an amazing and unique experience.

Not only do we arm your guests with axes (and a safety briefing), we also provide exclusive games and bottomless soda (varies by location) to keep the good times flowing. Plus, you can amp up the competition with a private tournament.

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Axe Throwing for Different Types of Parties

We cater to parties of all sizes, with group activities that depend on your location and event. Let’s explore the special events we can curate for your axe throwing party in Washington, Utah, or Idaho.

Bachelor Parties 

Inside just about every man is the hidden desire to be a lumberjack, and at Heber Hatchets, we want to help you and your boys fulfill that desire. Our axe throwing bachelor parties offer the chance to do some male bonding before one of you embraces married life. 

Engage in friendly but adrenaline-rushing competition, complete with taking aim and giving high-fives. While you and your friends are sure to feel the rush of bringing out your inner lumberjack, you’ll be able to do so at your own pace. We cultivate a relaxed atmosphere that’s fun for everyone.

In between throwing axes, take a moment to sit back and relax. You can bring your own food or work with one of our catering partners, and we’ll supply bottomless soft drinks. There are plenty of axe throwing games you can play with your friends when you come!

Learn more about our special Bachelor Party packages in Utah, Washington, and Idaho.

Bachelorette Parties

The ladies can’t let the guys have all the fun! For your axe throwing party in Idaho, Utah, or Washington, you, your bridesmaids, and any other guests can experience the rush of throwing an axe and hitting the target right in the center. Our budget-friendly bachelorette parties include safety demonstrations to ensure everyone has fun and feels comfortable. 

Whether your guest list includes seasoned axe throwing athletes or newcomers to the sport, the excitement level will surely be off the charts. With our unique hatchet-throwing games and other activities, we’d love to help you throw a bachelorette party no one will forget. 

Learn more about our special Bachelorette Party packages.

Birthday Parties 

Birthday parties almost always call for cake and ice cream, but the activities at these shindigs can start to feel stale. Celebrate your next trip around the sun with an incredible party that your friends and family will remember. 

We offer axe throwing parties for participants as young as 11. Our qualified professionals will ensure that every birthday guest understands the importance of safety and the thrill of launching an axe.

Since 2018, our team has been offering unique and exciting experiences for groups of all ages. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday in adulthood or want to give your young one and their friends an unforgettable experience, Heber Hatchets can make it happen.

Corporate Parties and Events

Business leaders often like to explore team-building experiences to help foster creativity, communication, and growth among their employees. An axe throwing party in Utah, Washington, or Idaho can do just that. You can fully customize your party, from the activities to the food and drink, prizes, swag, and more.

Other Special Packages

We also provide special packages for other events like gender reveals, family reunions, and rehabilitation groups. If you have a gathering of people and need an exciting venue, our friendly and flanneled axe throwing experts can help create a memorable experience.

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