Axe Throwing Bachelorette Party in Utah, Idaho, & Washington

We've been pleasantly surprised by the number of bachelorette parties we've hosted at Heber Hatchets. The lumber-jills don't want to let the lumberjacks have all the fun!

Instead of just sitting around and sipping fruity drinks, how about bringing some excitement to the celebration with axe throwing games? (You can still bring the fruity drinks if you want to...) We've had some super fun groups come in to celebrate their bride-to-be, and many have told us how surprised they are by how much they enjoyed it!

a group of women pose during an axe throwing bachelorette party

Ladies Love Axe Throwing Too!

Not sure if this activity is right for your bachelorette party? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be perfect for you:

It's Different

How many Instagram posts of the same old "normal" bachelorette parties have you seen? Probably more than you can count. But axe throwing? That's interesting! We're confident that a party at Heber Hatchets will be the most fun and unique one you've ever been to!

There's no need to worry about safety—we have a friendly team of helpers ready to show you how to throw, and make sure you're safe. All you need to worry about is having a good time, and trying to hit that bullseye!

It's Fun!

Whether you want to get competitive with it or just try something new, axe throwing is a blast! After a few practice throws, you'll be sticking it like a pro, and by that point, you'll be hooked. It's addicting!

You may not consider yourself the "outdoorsy" type, but our axe throwing games are fun for anyone! Each of our hatchet throwing games is unique—you and the girls can try them all!

It's Affordable

We are happy to be the most affordable axe throwing arena around, and among the most affordable entertainment options. We know that the whole experience is most fun when you can play it with others, like a bachelorette party, so we offer lower rates for larger groups. When you book 8 or more people together, it's only $10 per person!

Booking a Bachelorette Party