axe throwing when pregnant

Axe Throwing When Pregnant

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Axe Throwing When Pregnant? Just because axe throwing is a staple when it comes to manliness doesn’t mean that the ladies don’t enjoy a good axe throwing game now and then too! I’ve had a number of our female friends ask me whether or not they oughtta be axe throwing when pregnant. Answer: If you can skin a bear while pregnant, …

four people throwing axes down the lane at Heber Hatchets with a group of spectators.

Axe Throwing—Logan, Utah

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Axe Throwing – Logan’s Newest “Thing to Do” Sure, you love your Aggie Creamery ice cream. We get it. But after your fourth bowl this month, aren’t you ready for something else? A new date night, family outing, or corporate activity? Our lovely Logan, Utah now has a new entertainment experience like you’ve never seen before- AXE THROWING Axe Throwing? …

is axe throwing safe?

Is axe throwing safe?

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Is axe throwing safe? The short answer- YES! If you use the proper throwing technique shown to you by our trained staff, not only is axe throwing safe, but it’s also more fun because you’ll be sticking that target like a pro! Sure, there may be more risk of injury while throwing axes than there would be while picking daisies …

how to throw axe

How to Throw An Axe With These Simple Steps

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How to throw- AXE FACTS for success! The Grip Keep the axe blade pointed straight at the target through the whole motion. Holding your thumb against the back of the axe handle will help it stay straight and give you more accuracy. Start with the axe held out in front of you; do not start with it behind your head. The Swing …