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30+ Things a Man Should Know – An ongoing list

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Things a Man Should Know Now, there are a lot of things a man ought to know- Facts and how-tos as well as goods, betters, and bests. You can let me know if you think I left something important off the list. Let this serve as a measuring stick to show you how well you’re doing as a man. Ain’t …

The lumberjack workout

The Lumberjack Workout

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Obviously, I know how to keep myself fit. They were gonna use me as the Brawny guy on them paper towel rolls, but they wanted me to cut my beard! So obviously, I told ’em where they could stick their paper towel rolls. But anyhow, lotta folks ask me what it is I do to stay fit. So, I reckon that’s …

axe throwing with drinks

Axe Throwing with Beer – C’mon, Man…

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Depending on the kind of person you are, you may or may not be surprised at the number of times I get asked about axe throwing with beer at my Heber Hatchets venues. I am asked this question often. The answer: We do not sell alcohol of any kind. Just frosty cold lumberjack sodas, which are dang good! Now, some …

girl wearing plaid flannel shirt

The Difference Between Flannel and Plaid

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Is there a difference between flannel and plaid? Indeed there is! Kinda… After years and years of people mistakenly using one term when they mean the other, the two terms have sorta come to mean the same thing to a lot of folks. Lots of clothing companies sell the exact same types of products with some calling it “plaid” and …

Beard and Mustache Debate | Which is better?

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Let’s assume for a minute that we’re already all aware that facial hair reigns supreme, ok? I will not be discussing a “clean-cut” look in this entry. If you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with the very essence of my Man Blog and are free to be educated here or see yerself out. Alright, now …

What is bad axe throwing?

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What is bad axe throwing? Alright now, let’s think about this one… According to Google data, it seems that a large number of folks online have this question on their minds. Trouble is, there ain’t a whole lot of context comin’ with the data! So, I s’pose I am obligated to try to infer what exactly people are trying to get …

Heber The Hatchet Man at Walmart

“Axe a Question” with Heber The Hatchet Man | Do you have any holiday traditions?

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  Question: “Do you have any holiday traditions?” Does a lumberjack poop in the woods?! You bet yer flanneled be-hind I got traditions. Passed down from my great-grandpappy to me! Cutting a Christmas Tree My favorite tradition is going to the woods with the family to pick out a REAL Christmas tree. My great-grandpappy would be crappin’ in his grave …

cultural appropriation by hipster lumberjack

Cultural Appropriation and The “Hipster”

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Cultural Appropriation in October Look here at this graph from Google Trends…     The line graph on top shows how popular the search term “cultural appropriation” was in the United States between July 31 and October 31, 2018. Now, cultural appropriation is a term I don’t recall hearing much before, oh, maybe 2016? But ever since I started making …