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Axe Throwing With Alcohol? Nah, Man, Let’s Keep It Safe

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You may or may not be surprised at the number of times I get asked if we sell alcohol while axe throwing at Heber Hatchets venues. I am asked this question often, and my answer is now and will always be:

We do not sell alcohol of any kind, but you can enjoy ice-cold soda at any of our locations.

Now, some people might wonder, “Well, why don’t you offer axe throwing with beer?” The answer is quite simple:

Because our number one mission is for Heber Hatchets to be a safe experience and a load of fun for the entire family. No beer needed for that, am I right?!

Why We Have Chosen an Alcohol-Free Atmosphere

While we understand that other axe throwing venues may serve or allow alcohol, we are uncomfortable with that business practice. (And by the way, most of those which DO allow alcohol have a drink limit and do not allow patrons to have been drinking before they arrive.) Our primary reason for this decision is the safety of our guests and our employees.

A secondary reason is that we believe in consistency in our locations. Some states or local municipalities allow alcohol to be served, others do not. We want you to know that whenever you walk into a Heber Hatchets, you will be joining an alcohol-free atmosphere regardless of location.

Family-Friendly Flanneled Fun

While we cannot emphasize enough that we are all about fun for the entire family, we do want to let you know that children 10 and under are not allowed to throw. For their safety, we recommend that you bring a dedicated “wrangler” for the wee ones. They’re like freaky fast when they are on a mission. Lumberjacks and lumberjills come in all ages, which is another reason we don’t mix axe throwing and alcohol. Creating a fun and safe axe throwing environment for everyone is something Heber Hatchets is proud of.

Food and Festivities

Alcohol and axe throwing do not make a great combination, but you know what does? Cold refreshing sodas and some fine food! Some of our locations have in-house restaurants where you can order some scrumptious grub or bring your own snacky cakes and delish delights and make it a picnic or a potluck! Anyone is welcome to bring food and drinks to our premises, we just ask that you clean up after yourself.

Keeping You Clear Headed

When someone wants to “bury the hatchet,” they are trying to put negative things between themselves and another behind them. When someone commits “a hatchet job,” they are making a fierce attack on someone or their work. One is positive, one is negative.

When you are at an axe-throwing venue, we don’t want anyone literally committing a hatchet job or burying the hatchet. To make it as safe and relaxing as possible, we do our best to eliminate distractions. Alcohol can distract and disrupt one’s senses that can lead to a dangerous outcome with flying axes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Gaming, but Not Gambling with Safety

See, the thing is, Heber Hatchets is more than just throwing an axe at some wood. We got axe throwing games for everyone to enjoy, y’all! Challenge your fellow flanneled friends at:

  • Stretchin’ the Blanket
  • Around the World
  • Cornhole
  • Humans vs. Zombies
  • Horse
  • Landmines
  • Top Notch
  • The Gambler
  • 21
  • Cricket
  • Blackjack

Or hey! Make up your own game! Get creative and have a blast!

OK, yeah, we get it. You’ve got your lumberjack and lumberjill groove on, and you wanna throw back a mug o’ brew. How about this? Get home safely, put on some comfies, pop a top on a cold one, and celebrate the fun you had. The safe adventurous whole fun you can enjoy again and again now that you are safely home.


-Heber, The Hatchet Man