is axe throwing safe?

Is axe throwing safe?

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Axe throwing is a great recreational activity to relieve stress. It’s easy to start, even if you’re a beginner—until you see a viral video of axes flying willy-nilly and panic. “Is axe throwing safe?” is a question we get a lot. 

And we get it. Axes are sharp. 

But, just like how we’ll show you how to throw an axe, we’ll show you how safe axe throwing really is.

Can Axe Throwing Be Done Safely?

The short answer is YES! Axe throwing is safe when you use the proper throwing technique shown to you by our trained staff. It’s also more fun because you’ll be sticking that target like a pro!

Sure, there may be more risk of injury while throwing axes than there would be while picking daisies or sitting at the movies, but axe throwing is a safe and exciting activity when done properly. That’s why at Heber Hatchets we make sure guests are provided with the following:

  • A safety training video
  • Constant supervision and available coaching from trained staff
  • Information on the potential risks

Supervision & Coaching From Staff

Our employees will guide you through the process of axe throwing safety and safe axe throwing games before you cross the axe throwing threshold. Once everyone understands the basic safety rules, a Heber Hatchet, an axe thrower will guide each individual on how to hold and throw an axe safely. 

Tips for How to Safely Throw An Axe

This might sound like a contradiction—safely throwing an axe—but it is possible! There are three components to a safely thrown axe

  • The grip
  • The swing
  • The release


Always grip the axe in front of you. Do not hold the axe behind your head. 

When you hold a throwing axe, finding a balance between a death grip and holding it so loosely it falls to the floor is essential. Hold it with the same grip strength you would a golf club.

When you do two-handed axe throwing (the most common type for beginners), both hands should be towards the bottom of the axe handle. Your dominant hand is on top for the best control. 


When you swing, you slowly bring the axe to the back of your head and then swing in one fluid motion. 

Do not change your speeds mid-throw. 


When releasing the axe, always keep your eyes on the target and let go when the axe is at eye level. Keep your arms moving even after releasing the axe to ensure fluid motion throughout the whole swing. 

Other Tips for Throwing Axes Safely 

Here are a couple of extra tips!


The way you’re standing can have a huge effect on how you throw an axe. You want your body to feel balanced and solid. When you move to throw the axe, you should move your whole body in unity to guarantee the smoothest throw. 

Axe Removal

Even once the axe is thrown, accidents can occur. For example, removing an axe can be hard, especially if your throw jammed it in.

The best way to remove an axe without accidentally sending it flying is to hold the handle and move the blade up and down. Eventually, it will become loose enough to remove. 

Pulling an axe straight out is the worst way to remove an axe from a target and the easiest way to get hurt. 

Common Axe Throwing Mistakes

Despite being pretty easy to do, common axe throwing mistakes are:

  • Over rotating 
  • Under rotating
  • Wrist flicking
  • Improper grip
  • Inconsistent stance
  • Focusing on strength only
  • Lack of follow-through

Who Can Participate in Axe Throwing?

Basically, anyone can participate in axe throwing—except for babies and kids who haven’t developed their hand-eye coordination skills yet. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched an axe or are a seasoned professional; everyone can enjoy the feeling of hitting a target with an axe. 

The only barrier to axe throwing is that you must listen to our dedicated trainers. 

And for those who are pregnant or nursing, you can participate as long as you and your doctor feel comfortable. Maybe you’ll be training your baby to be an axe throwing prodigy!

Is Axe Throwing Safe for Children?

Yes—axe throwing is safe for older children as long as there is adult supervision. At Heber Hatchets, all throwers must be 12 years of age or older. Children must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver before throwing axes.

Why 12? Not only is it more dangerous for younger children, but it’s also much harder for them to successfully get the hatchet all the way to the target with a good throw. So, for that reason, we have a minimum age requirement. Your 10yearold may be big for his age, but we still stick to the rule!

Axe Throwing Safety Rules You Have to Follow

Here are some of the rules you’ll be given at Heber Hatchets:

  • Participants must be wearing closed-toe shoes.
  • No alcohol is allowed, and nobody under the influence may throw axes.
  • Throwers must remain within a designated “throwing box” area marked on the ground.
  • Those who are not currently throwing are not to be inside the throwing box.
  • Participants are not allowed to throw their axe while another person is retrieving their axe down-lane.
  • Axes are not to be exchanged by hand. Instead, there is a designated bin for axes to be placed in between turns.

Proper Axe Throwing Behavior

The safety of axe throwing begins and ends with each individual in Heber Hatchets. You need to be respectful and aware of those around you. Never throw an axe if there is anyone outside of the safe zone. 

Also, make sure never to hand an axe to someone else. While this may seem like a simple task, one slip-up can cause injuries—so instead, place it in its designated area and let the other person take it. 


We technically only have one rule: Close-toe shoes are a must.

The rest are suggestions: Wear loose, comfortable clothing, don’t wear heels, avoid jewelry, and tie long hair back. You will get bonus points with us if you wear the proper lumberjack uniform (though, psst…it’s flannel). 

No Alcohol. Ever.

Let’s be honest: Handling an axe when you are anything but sober is unnecessarily risky.

To minimize risks, we choose to be alcohol-free. Some axe throwing places allow drinks (to a minimum), but we prefer to be extra safe so all can enjoy their axe throwing experience. 

Frequently “Axed” Questions about Safety

Has Anyone Been Seriously Injured at Heber Hatchets?

Nope! Occasionally someone may get a little sliver or two if they accidentally rub their hand against one of the wooden targets. But besides that, it has just been good, clean fun over here, no accidents. 

Can I Bring My Own Items to Throw? (Axes, Knives, Throwing Stars, etc.)

Currently, we do not allow items to be brought in for throwing. We only allow the use of our axes, throwing stars, and bike sprockets for which we can ensure safety and function.

Can Axes Bounce Back?

Yes, axes can bounce back when thrown improperly—but it’s rare. Axes can bounce back if over-rotated, and any other part of the axe besides the blade hits the target or floor. 

Throwing Axes Is Safe and Fun!

So, is axe throwing safe? That’s up to you! If you follow the rules, then there’s nothing to worry about. So PLEASE follow the rules. They are there for you.

Ready to try it out? Check out our pricing and book a safe axe throwing session at Provo, Heber City, or Logan today!