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Axe Throwing Group Date Night in Logan, UT

Date night is going to be different this week! It's high time you mixed it up and did something other than bowling and the movie theater, right? Heber Hatchets in Logan is ready for you. Book your next group date at Heber Hatchets in Logan for a date night to beat all other date nights!

It's a great time, it's unique, and it doesn't break the budget! Not to mention, you'll get a chance to impress your date with your axe throwing skills. Can you see why Heber Hatchets is an awesome date idea?

couples on a group date talk together at Heber Hatchets

Book a Group Date in Logan

If you will be paying with a gift card, please give us a call to book your session over the phone.

The Best Group Date Idea in Logan

Not sure if you should choose axe throwing for your next group date? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be the perfect date idea:

It's Different!

You get to throw real axes at real targets! For real!

We have a selection of axe throwing games that test your skills in different ways and keep things interesting. Our friendly staff help you have good technique to be successful and make sure everyone stays safe. Once you hit your first bullseye you'll understand why Heber Hatchets in Logan is the best group date activity in town!

It's Social!

Our venue in Logan has space at each throwing lane for you and your friends to sit and talk while you wait your turn to throw, sip frosty mugs of soda, and cheer each other on. This is an activity that allows you to talk and get to know each other while you play—the opposite of a movie theater date! We encourage you to bring in food, take photos, and share all the victory chest-bumps

It's Affordable!

When you come to Heber Hatchets for your next group date in Logan you don't need to worry about breaking the bank! We offer especially good rates for larger groups because we want you to enjoy the enhanced experience that you get when you come with others. A date at Heber Hatchets will be a memorable experience that both your date and your wallet will thank you for!