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Axe Throwing Group Date Night in Rexburg, ID

It's time to add a little flannel flair to date night! Heber Hatchets in Rexburg is the ultimate lumberjack experience and a perfect group date idea. Instead of the usual bowling or a movie, come try out the variety of axe throwing games we have ready for you! We guarantee one of the most unique dates you've ever had.

We pride ourselves on providing an entertainment experience that is unique, exciting, and doesn't cost a lot. Plus, what better way to impress your date than letting them see you stick a few bullseyes Paul Bunyan-style? Come try Rexburg's best date destination!

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If you will be paying with a gift card, please give us a call to book your session over the phone.

The Best Group Date Idea in Rexburg

Not sure if you should choose axe throwing for your next Rexburg group date? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be the perfect date idea:

It's Different!

Playing the axe throwing games at Heber Hatchets make you feel like a legit lumberjack. That alone is a good reason to try it out, right?!

We see lots of group dates come through our venue and we know how to entertain them. The axe throwing games are designed for group play. Just pick a game and get to throwing!

Some guests are hesitant at first, but it just takes a few practice throws to get the hang of it. You'll be sticking it in the target like a pro in no time! That's when it gets kind of addicting.

We know we're tooting our own horn here, but Heber Hatchets beats a date to the movie theater or Dairy Queen any night!

It's Social!

We see plenty of of fist-bumps, victory celebrations and even some friendly trash talking. Our Rexburg venue is set up to be a very social experience. Besides the good conversation and friendly competition, your group is also welcome to bring in food to enhance to experience. Each throwing lane includes its own table and chairs for those who are waiting their turn to throw. It's a great setting to get to know one another better and make some memories while trying something different together. And of course, it makes for some great photo ops. What more do you need for a group date, right?

It's Affordable!

We know that good date ideas can get pretty expensive. We strive to offer one of the most affordable group date experiences in Rexburg! The price per-person gets smaller the larger your group is. The Heber Hatchets experience is most enjoyable when you can experience it with others, so we try to make that as affordable as possible!

Our goal is to have you leave feeling like you got more than your money's worth from your lumberjack-style group date. We take that responsibility seriously! So, the next time you're looking for a Rexburg date idea, Heber Hatchets is ready to show you some memorable group entertainment for which both your date AND your wallet will thank you.