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Axe Throwing Group Date Night in Provo, UT

Tired of doing the same old mediocre dates over and over again? It's time to add a little flannel to your Friday night with a group date at Heber Hatchets! You won't find a more unique date idea in Provo.

We've got what you need! Whether your group is big or small, a first date or an anniversary party, we have axe throwing games sure to entertain. Our rates are also better for large groups, so don't worry about bringing the whole crew. Who wouldn't enjoy an authentic lumberjack date? We're ready for you!


Book a Group Date in Provo

If you will be paying with a gift card, please give us a call to book your session over the phone.

A Unique Date Idea

Not sure if you should choose axe throwing for your next group date? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be the perfect Provo date idea:

It's different!

Have you ever chucked real axes at real wood targets with the smell of real pine sap in the air? Most people haven't! But all you need to do is just hop over to University Avenue to experience the fun for yourself.

Once you arrive for your visit, your date group will have lots of axe throwing games to choose from. All of our games are designed to be played with others. We know you might be a little nervous about throwing hatchets if you haven't tried it before, but there's no need to worry! We'll make sure you know how to stay safe and stick the axe like a pro. It's seriously addicting!

It's social!

This isn't an awkward, no-conversation date in the movie theater. A group date at Heber Hatchets is full of high-fives, friendly trash-talk, and celebration dances. Axe throwing is an activity you can play while getting to know each other better. Our Provo venue is set up in a way that gives you a clear view of all the action happening around you so you can see your friends sticking the bullseye too.

We encourage groups to take advantage of the space and make the group date perfect by bringing in food, snapping photos, or anything else you need to make the visit perfect. We're eager to show you why Heber Hatchets is the best date idea in Provo.

It's affordable!

We make date night affordable! Our special group rates make coming with others a better deal than coming as a pair. We accept two-person bookings, but it's so much more fun with a group! That's why our pricing structure encourages you to round up some others. Our goal is to have you finish your group date at Heber Hatchets with a little cash to spare for a treat on the way home.

So if you're looking to try something new, come on down to Heber Hatchets and let us show you what date night in the backwoods looks like!