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Fun Group Date Night Ideas in Pocatello, ID

Axe throwing is the most fun when you can enjoy it with others. Group dates at Heber Hatchets Pocatello are a different kind of date night!

The axe throwing games available at Heber Hatchets are designed for group play. Each one is a little different, and all of them can easily be played while enjoying good conversation, good food, and giant mugs of ice cold lumberjack soda!

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The Best Group Date Idea in Pocatello

Not sure if you should choose axe throwing for your next Pocatello group date? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be the perfect date idea:

It's Different

Reason number one to check out Heber Hatchets for your next group date—you get to THROW REAL AXES. Do we need to do any more convincing?!

The axe throwing games we offer are designed with groups in mind. When you show up for date night, there won't be any awkward silences or boredom. It's all action packed fun! Some people are a little hesitant at first, but our friendly staff members are there to help you throw safely and confidently. Once you get a few throws to stick in the target, we're sure you'll be hooked!

Now, doesn't that sound like a better date idea than bowling or a movie?

It's Social

Don't worry about having to come up with awkward ice-breakers. Heber Hatchets is a social experience! Get ready for fist-bumps, cheering, and maybe even some friendly trash talk.

Groups are welcome to bring in food or drink, but no alcohol is allowed. We also have bottomless soda available at each of our venues. Get ready for a memorable experience you can't find anywhere else in Pocatello! It's the perfect date idea.

It's Affordable

This is a group date idea your wallet will thank you for. Heber Hatchets is proud to be one of the most affordable group entertainment options in Pocatello. In fact, the more people you bring, the less it costs per-person.

You can unleash your inner lumberjack without breaking the bank. And we guarantee the Heber Hatchets experience is more than worth the money it costs. So, check us out for your next group date in Pocatello when you're ready to enjoy something different!