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Axe Throwing Group Date Night in Salt Lake City, UT

Instead of doing the same old tired thing for date night, why not mix it up for a unique date idea this week? Heber Hatchets has brought authentic lumberjack entertainment from the backwoods right to downtown Salt Lake City!

Add a little flannel to your Friday night with an axe-throwing group date at Heber Hatchets.

Don't be nervous! Axe throwing might sound a little crazy, but it's safe, fun, and surprisingly addicting. Whether your group is big or small, a first date or an anniversary party, we have axe throwing games that are sure to entertain.

Couples on a group date talk together at Heber Hatchets in Provo

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A Unique Date Night in Salt Lake City You Won’t Regret

While your options for fun date night ideas in Salt Lake City are plentiful, there’s nothing quite like axe throwing. We know it might sound a bit aggressive at first, but it’s actually a fun experience for people of all ages and interests. There’s just something about throwing an axe that has a unique allure to it—one you must experience to understand. So what better way to impress on a date than by booking a bay to throw the night away with someone special?

If you’re still not sure if axe throwing is a good date idea, here are a few reasons why we think it makes for a pretty fantastic date:

It's Different

Where else are you going to get the opportunity to unleash the inner strength you didn’t know you had in SLC? Whether you’ve made a trip to Heber Hatchets before or not, our friendly coaches and knowledgeable staff are well acquainted with safety measures to ensure you’re not putting yourself or others in danger, so there is no need to worry about that.

Once you arrive for your visit, you will have lots of axe throwing games to choose from that vary in level of difficulty, making axe throwing ideal for a date night in Salt Lake City. All our games are designed to be played with others, so it's the perfect group date.

It's Social

This isn't an awkward, no-conversation date in the movie theater where you’re wondering what your date is thinking the whole time. In fact, at Heber Hatchets, you can also do double dates. Group dates at Heber Hatchets are full of high-fives, friendly trash-talk, and a celebration dance or two.

Whether you’re on a first date or a fifth, axe throwing is an activity you can play while getting to know each other better and having fun in the process. You can also chit-chat over some snacks and beverages at the table and chairs in your designated throwing lane. Not to mention, this fun date night idea in Salt Lake City is a great opportunity to show off your skills to your date!

It's Affordable

Enjoy date night with your sweetheart without having to blow your budget and drop serious cash. Activities at Heber Hatchet are affordable, so you can have tons of fun without feeling a financial sting to do so. The price per person is less for larger groups, as well. Of course, we do accept two-person bookings if you want to have a solo date night in Salt Lake City. We are proud to be the most affordable axe throwing venue around, leaving you with a little cash on hand for a romantic dessert on the way home.

If you're looking to try something new, come to Heber Hatchets and let us show you what a fun date night in Salt Lake City looks like!