Beard and Mustache Debate | Which is better?

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Let’s assume for a minute that we’re already all aware that facial hair reigns supreme, ok? I will not be discussing a “clean-cut” look in this entry. If you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with the very essence of my Man Blog and are free to be educated here or see yerself out. Alright, now …

cultural appropriation by hipster lumberjack

Cultural Appropriation and The “Hipster”

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Cultural Appropriation in October Look here at this graph from Google Trends…     The line graph on top shows how popular the search term “cultural appropriation” was in the United States between July 31 and October 31, 2018. Now, cultural appropriation is a term I don’t recall hearing much before, oh, maybe 2016? But ever since I started making …

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I am Heber—The Hatchet Man

Heber - The Hatchet Man Heber's Man Blog

They call me Heber, The Hatchet Man. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, I ain’t been one to mess with these computers and such up til now. I’d rather be using my hands for what God intended- choppin’ wood, cuttin’ meat, tanning leather, and other important efforts. But seeing how folks have made these interwebs so easily accessible nowadays, …