Youth Group Activities - Rexburg

There are lots of different youth groups in Rexburg looking for things to do, and Heber Hatchets is the perfect solution!

Young people love our axe throwing games! We specialize in hosting large groups and our venue and games are designed with group activities in mind. Whether your youth group is the competitive or laid back type, we have axe throwing games sure to keep them entertained. Bring on the selfies, fist-bumps, and youthful energy! 

Heber Hatchets offers customizable youth group packages you can book for the perfect activity in Rexburg!

Best youth group activity in Rexburg

Our 13 throwing lanes provide more than enough space to accommodate most Rexburg youth groups. We can host up to 60 youth at once. We love hosting the party! Our Rexburg location also offers ice cold lumberjack soda by the mug. Axe throwing fun and sugary goodness—what more do you need?

We take care of everything for you! We are ready to make your group's visit whatever you want or need it to be. We are used to entertaining youth groups in Rexburg and love showing them the Heber Hatchets experience! What young person wouldn't enjoy unleashing their inner lumberjack? Come see what all the buzz is about!

Your wish is our command. It's going to be a blast!

Benefits of the Youth Group Package

*A friendly, flanneled host dedicated to your group

*Special giveaways

*Access to unique axe throwing group games only available when booking a package

*Photos taken for your group

*The ability to reserve the entire venue

The "Half Beard" Package

1 hour session

11-20 guests: $300

21-30 guests: $450

31-40 guests: $600

41-50 guests: $750

51-60 guests (Whole Facility): $900

The "Full Beard" Package

2 hour session

11-20 guests: $500

21-30 guests: $750

31-40 guests: $1100

41-50 guests: $1250

51-60 guests (Whole Facility): $1500

"Full Beard" recommended if you will be bringing in food!

*For groups of 10 or less, you can make a normal booking (non-package) on a single bay or lane HERE.

Add-On Options

Heber Hatchets branded mugs ($25 each)

Heber Hatchets T-shirts ($15 each)

$5 off Heber Hatchets gift cards for your group ($25 for gift cards worth $30)

*Add-On Options are subject to availability. Supply may be limited.*

Book a Youth Group Package in Rexburg

Fill out the form below, then we will get in touch with you to confirm your details and complete the reservation.

If you need to speak with someone right away, you can give us a call at (208) 656-5884.

Would you like any Add-On Options? Please select all categories you would like. We will confirm amounts with you later.

The Perfect Rexburg Youth Group Activity

Not sure if Heber Hatchets is right for your Rexburg-area youth group activity? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be perfect for you:

It's truly a blast!

Once you get the kids inside and sticking a hatchet or two, you'll see why Heber Hatchets is a great activity for the young people! Even if they start out a little hesitant, almost everyone gets a big smile on their face once they get a few practice throws in! We will make sure everyone is safe and successful, so don't worry about that!

As soon as you arrive you will step into the authentic lumberajack experience. We are all about the wood, flannel, pine sap, and beards that go along with backwoods recreation. We're proud to be a unique exception to the typical Rexburg entertainment!

We can accommodate everyone!

Got a large youth group? No problem. We're ready for up to 60 throwers at once, which means your group will more than enough space to enjoy the action. Victory celebrations are encouraged!

If you would like to bring in food, awards, or anything else to make your activity perfect, we're cool with that! In fact, we can take care of the extra stuff for you. You just let us know what you have in mind and we get going!

Doesn't break the budget!

Can you see why Heber Hatchets is an awesome Rexburg youth group activity yet? If we haven't already convinced you, we also want to let you know that this is the best option for your budget too! We know that their are often limited budgets for youth group activities and we purposely offer the best rates for larger groups. Our customizable package options allow you to choose only the things you want without paying for the other stuff.

Heber Hatchets is best enjoyed with others, and we know that! We are excited and eager to show you why this is the best youth group activity in Rexburg!