What is axe throwing?

The Axe

estwing axe used for axe throwing

What is axe throwing without a good axe?!

Our axes at Heber Hatchets are smaller sized, which is better for throwing. The head of the axe is heavier than the handle, which means it will naturally rotate on its own when you release it.

We usually show guests how to throw with two hands, which is the easiest way to keep it straight, but axe throwing can also be done one handed or even under-handed! Just ask your lumberjack or lumberjill host to show you how.

The Target

axe throwing target

The target is made of wood (no surprise there), with the grain of the wood aligned virtually- this helps the axe stick into the wood more easily.

The scoring areas start with 1pt for the outside ring, then 2pts, 3pts, and 4pts as you move toward the center, with the bullseye being worth 6pts. The two blue circles toward the top of the target are called the “clutch”, worth 10pts.

No matter what axe throwing game you choose to play (and there are many of them), the target layout is the same.

The Games

axe throwing games

Let’s be honest- although it can be fun just flinging the hatchet, what is axe throwing without a little friendly competition!?

At Heber Hatchets, we have a wide variety of lumberjack games to play, with the different rules posted around the facility. Some games test your accuracy, others test your consistency, and one game even test your ability to bluff to the other players!

All of our games are guaranteed to bring out your inner lumberjack/jill in no time!

The Experience

axe throwing group with axes

So, what is axe throwing?

It’s the best date idea, corporate activity, or family fun you’ll ever have! It’ll put a smile on your face and hair on your chin. We encourage wearing your flannel to have the FULL lumberjack experience.

We can’t tell you how many times people are leaving Heber Hatchets and tell us,
“At first I didn’t really know if I would enjoy this. But I am DEFINITELY coming back now!”
We love seeing people getting excited and high-fiving when somebody hits a bullseye, or wins a close game.

So, come give it a try! We at Heber Hatchets look forward to making sure you have a safe and entertaining visit.

You can book axe throwing sessions in advance, or show up for a walk-in game at your nearest Heber Hatchets location.