Corporate Events

Look no further—Heber Hatchets has exactly what you need when it comes to planning your next corporate event in Rexburg.

Unique entertainment: Throwing axes! Do we need to say more? We get told all the time by guests that they had even more fun than they expected to have. How often do you get a chance to unleash your inner lumberjack?

Simple customization: Our corporate group packages are customizable to fit your needs. You just let us know what you need for your activity and we're on it! You'll have one straightforward price and a team of ready and eager staff to host your group. We know how to entertain!

Best Corporate Event in Rexburg

We are able to accommodate up to 65 people at a time on our 13 available lanes. Besides the throwing areas, we also have space ready for you to have drinks, food, prizes, whatever you'd like! We are happy to set up the space to meet your needs.

We take care of everything for you! Whether it's an office lunch activity, retirement party, or any other type of corporate event, we make sure it's the most enjoyable and stress-free experience possible. Our goal is to have you not need to worry about anything other than having a good time.

Your wish is our command. It's going to be a blast!

Benefits of the Corporate Event Package

*A friendly, flanneled host dedicated to your group

*Special giveaways

*Access to unique axe throwing group games only available when booking a package

*Photos taken for your group

*The ability to reserve the entire venue

The "Half Beard" Package

1 hour session

11-20 guests: $300

21-30 guests : $450

31-40 guests: $600

41-50 guests: $750

51-60 guests (Whole facility): $900

The "Full Beard" Package

2 hour session

11-20 guests: $500

21-30 guests: $750

31-40 guests: $1100

41-50 guests: $1250

51-60 guests (Whole facility): $1500

"Full Beard" recommended if you will be bringing in food!

*For groups of 10 or less, you can make a normal booking (non-package) on a single bay or lane HERE.

Add-On Options

Heber Hatchets branded mugs ($25 each)

Heber Hatchets T-shirts ($15 each)

$5 off Heber Hatchets gift cards for your team ($25 for gift cards worth $30)

*Add-On Options are subject to availability. Supply may be limited.*

Book a Corporate Event Package in Rexburg

Fill out the form below, then we will get in touch with you to confirm your details and complete the reservation.

If you need to speak with someone right away, you can give us a call at (208) 656-5884

Would you like any Add-On Options? Please select all categories you would like. We will confirm amounts with you later.

The Perfect Rexburg Corporate Activity

Not sure if this activity is right for your Rexburg-area business team? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be perfect for you:

It's truly a blast!

Who doesn't want to feel like a lumberjack or viking warrior? 

It only takes a few practice throws to get hooked. And whether your crew is the competitive or casual type, it's an activity that everyone will enjoy!

We offer a variety of axe throwing games that can be played either as individuals or on teams. With a corporate group package, you also have access to a special game that involves hitting a hanging carrot on a string!

Get ready for high-fives, victory dances, and an intense desire to chop down a tree.

We can accommodate everyone!

We have plenty of space for your activity. 

Want catering? We can handle that. A table for prizes? Check. You just let us know what you need and we'll have the place set up and ready for you! 

The way that the throwing lanes and tables are arranged, everyone will have a good view of the other group members. You'll be able to cheer each other on or talk a little trash, whichever way is your style!

Doesn't break the budget!

We know that businesses have budgets. At Heber Hatchets, our corporate packages are designed to take good care of you and your budget. Our package rates simplify large-group booking with up-front costs that are the best you'll find anywhere else. 

We are confident that after experiencing an event at Heber Hatchets, you'll know you got more than your money's worth. No other venue will take better care of you than us! So send out a memo, put on your best flannel, and bring your corporate team to Heber Hatchets for your next activity!

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