Corporate Events

If you're with a business in the Logan, Utah area looking for something fun to do with the rest of the office, look no further than Heber Hatchets!

Our axe throwing games are the perfect solution for a corporate event that is unique, exciting, and brings the team together. An activity with us allows the team to de-stress, try something new, and engage in a little friendly competition!

Get ready for cheers, high-fives, and good memories. Be the cool boss and bring your corporate group to Heber Hatchets!

Best Corporate Event in Logan

With 14 lanes available, we are able to events for up to 80+ people at once! Corporate groups are also able to have food and drink on-site. We event have our own lumberjack soda on tap! At Heber Hatchets Logan, we will help your event be exactly what you're hoping for.

And we take care of everything for you! Feel free to customize the experience however you'd like. Perhaps you'd like to give awards out to employees? Set aside space for a prize area? Have catering? We can make it happen. You enjoy the axe throwing and leave the organizing to us!

Your wish is our command. It's going to be a blast!

Benefits of the Corporate Event Package

*A friendly, flanneled host dedicated to your group

*Special giveaways

*Access to unique axe throwing group games only available when booking a package

*Photos taken for your group

*The ability to reserve the entire venue

The "Half Beard" Package

1 hour session

11-20 guests: $300

21-30 guests : $450

31-40 guests: $600

41-50 guests: $750

51-60 guests: $900

61-70 guests (Whole Facility): $1050

The "Full Beard" Package

2 hour session

11-20 guests: $500

21-30 guests: $750

31-40 guests: $1100

41-50 guests: $1250

51-60 guests: $1500

61-70 guests (Whole Facility): $1750

"Full Beard" recommended if you will be bringing in food!

*For groups of 10 or less, you can make a normal booking (non-package) on a single bay or lane HERE.

Add-On Options

Heber Hatchets branded mugs ($25 each)

Heber Hatchets T-shirts ($15 each)

$5 off Heber Hatchets gift cards for your team ($25 for gift cards worth $30)

*Add-On Options are subject to availability. Supply may be limited.*

Book a Corporate Event Package in Logan

Fill out the form below, then we will get in touch with you to confirm your details and complete the reservation.

If you need to speak with someone right away, you can give us a call at (385) 275-2291

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The Perfect Logan Corporate Activity

Not sure if this activity is right for your Logan-area business team? Here are a few reasons why we think it will be perfect for you:

It's truly a blast!

We're not exaggerating! It's surprisingly addicting.

The variety of axe throwing games we have available will keep everyone entertained the whole time as they unwind together and find their inner lumberjack! The sound of the hatchet thunking into the wood, the smell of pine sap in the air—it all combines to be one of the most fun and out-of-the-ordinary team-building events in the area!

We can accommodate everyone!

You don't need to worry when it comes to finding the space you'll need for everyone—we can fit the whole office! Our Logan location can host 80+ guests at once and create bookings outside of our normal hours. Our open space and the tables at each bay allow for food and drink, a full view of all the action, and easy conversation. It's an exciting game in a relaxed atmosphere.

Doesn't break the budget!

We get it—corporate activities have to stick to a budget. The Heber Hatchets experience will fit your party budget and be well worth the money! Not only are we already among the most affordable arenas you can find, but we pride ourselves on being the most accommodating hosts you'll ever work with. We are happy to customize the experience to help your time at Heber Hatchets be exactly what you want for your corporate event.

Our special package options are customizable in order to allow you to pick what you want to fit your business group's budget and plans.

We host corporate groups from Logan area companies like: