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Believe it or not, we've seen quite a few bachelorette parties enjoying our axe throwing games at Heber Hatchets. It's always a blast! We are proud to put on one of the best bachelorette parties in Heber City, or anywhere really! Axe throwing is definitely not just for the boys.

Your girl is about to get married, and it's time to celebrate with the ladies! Don't waste your time and money on some mediocre get-together. Instead, book an exciting bachelorette party package at Heber Hatchets and get some unique entertainment at a great price. It's sure to be a party the whole squad will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

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Best bachelorette party in Heber

We have room for up to 30 lumberjills at a time, so bring all the ladies. If your Heber bachelorette party will have more guests than that, then we'll probably want to get a selfie with the celebrity bride-to-be! want the groom-to-be's autograph! When you book a bachelorette party with us, you and the girls get even more flannel fun than you get with a regular Heber Hatchets booking. In addition to our normal axe throwing games, the bachelorette party package includes special giveaways and prizes, bottomless soda for all the ladies, special group game options, an even a private tournament that we will run for you, complete with a trophy for the winner! Trust us—this is the most unique and exciting girls night you'll find in Heber. We work hard to make it that way!

Our friendly staff is happy to get things ready according to your customization and preferences. If you're planning on having food, planning a surprise for the special lady, or have any other requests we can take care of for you, just let us know! Your wish is our command. We want your bachelorette party to be perfect. Just keep in mind that we are a family-friendly establishment, so please keep things PG-rated!

When it's time to celebrate with the important women in the bride's life, you want to make sure to get your money's worth. The bachelorette party package at Heber Hatchets in Heber City is sure to be just that!

Benefits of the Bachelorette Party Package

*A friendly, flanneled host dedicated to your group

*Special giveaways

*Access to unique axe throwing group games only available when booking a package

*Photos taken for your group

*The ability to reserve the entire venue

The Bachelorette Party Package

2-Hour Session

Bottomless Soda By The Mug

Giveaways And Prizes

Dedicated Coaching

Exclusive Group Games

Tournament For Your Group
Winner Receives "Golden Axe" Trophy

Package Pricing

For groups of less than 10 or groups not interested in the package extras, you can make a normal non-package booking HERE.

Up to 10 people = $300
Prizes: 1 Mug, 1 T-Shirt, 1 Gift Card ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 20 people = $600
Prizes: 2 Mugs, 2 T-Shirts, 2 Gift Cards ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 30 people = $900
Prizes: 3 Mugs, 3 T-Shirts, 3 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 40 people = $1,200
Prizes: 4 Mugs, 4 T-Shirts, 4 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 50 people = $1,500
Prizes: 5 Mugs, 5 T-Shirts, 5 Gift Cards ($25)
3 Coaches

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The Perfect Heber Bachelorette Party

Not sure if Heber Hatchets is right for your Heber-area group activity? Here are a few reasons why we think it's going to be awesome:

For the girls

Who doesn't love trying something new? The bachelorette party package at Heber Hatchets is a break from the typical girl's night out. And it's surprisingly addictive. We're sure you'll be hooked like we are in no time. It's the best bachelorette party in Heber City!

When it's time to celebrate the bride-to-be and her big day, you want to do it right. Sometimes you just need to get out with the ladies, and Heber Hatchets is happy to host your special occasion and make it one to remember.

Bring the whole squad

We're ready for up to 50 lady throwers at once on our axe throwing bays. Each bay includes a table and chairs with a view of the action. You'll have plenty of room for food, drinks, bags, etc.

With the Heber Hatchets bachelorette party, axe throwing games are just part of the fun. You and the girls will also enjoy a private tournament, bottomless soda by the mug, prizes, and dedicated coaching (if needed) from our friendly staff. Where else in Heber are you going to find something so unique and entertaining?!

Save some money

We have made booking a Heber bachelorette party simple and totally customizable. If you have special requests for your event, we're ready to make it happen for you. Just let us know what you need!

Due to all the extra fun and customization included in the bachelorette party package, this package does cost more than a normal visit to Heber Hatchets. If you aren't interested in enjoying all the bells and whistles, you are welcome to book a normal axe throwing session. But when you're ready for a Heber bachelorette party to remember, we are proud to offer the premium experience at an amazing price!

Get ready to have a blast!