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Axe Throwing Bachelor Party in Kennewick, WA

Of all the bachelor parties happening in Kennewick, Washington, nothing is more unique and manly than the bachelor party package at Heber Hatchets! We are proud to host the ultimate lumberjack experience that's perfect for a night out with the guys. What's more manly thank throwing axes?

Your guy is about to get married and it's time to celebrate right! Don't waste your cash on a mediocre party. The Heber Hatchets bachelor party package is testosterone-fueled action from start to finish, and well worth the money. Axe throwing is just part the fun. So round up the boys and get ready to unleash your inner lumberjacks with the best bachelor party in the Tri-Cities!

a group of men pose with axes during a bachelor party
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Best bachelor party in the Tri-Cities

Our Kennewick venue has space to accommodate up to 50 guests at the same time. If your Kennewick bachelor party involves more people than that, we probably will want to ask the groom-to-be for his autograph!

With the bachelor party package, your group gets to enjoy even more action and perks than you get with a normal Heber Hatchets booking. Besides the axe throwing games you can normally play, bachelor party groups also get prizes and giveaways, giant Heber Hatchets mugs, special group games, and even a private axe throwing tournament ran just for your crew, with a trophy for the winner. You won't find for entertainment at a better price anywhere in the Tri-Cities area! It's the most fun 2-hours you'll find in Kennewick. And you may even leave with a few extra hairs on your chin or chest. The Kennewick bachelor party at Heber Hatchets is designed especially for the fellas!

Our package options are customizable. We're here to make your party what you want it to be. Music, food, decorations, or any other special requests—we will make it happen for you. We just ask that you keep everything family-friendly. No alcohol is allowed.

Let our team at Heber Hatchets show you the premium bachelor party experience in Kennewick. It's gonna be a blast!

Benefits of the Bachelor Party Package

*A friendly, flanneled host dedicated to your group

*Special giveaways

*Access to unique axe throwing group games only available when booking a package

*Photos taken for your group

*The ability to reserve the entire venue

The Bachelor Party Package

2-Hour Session

Giveaways And Prizes

Dedicated Coaching

Exclusive Group Games

Tournament For Your Group
Winner Receives "Golden Axe" Trophy

Package Pricing

For groups of less than 10 or groups not interested in the package extras, you can make a normal non-package booking HERE.

Up to 10 people = $399
Prizes: 1 Mug, 1 Gift Card ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 20 people = $799
Prizes: 2 Mugs, 2 Gift Cards ($25)
1 Coach

Up to 30 people = $1,199
Prizes: 3 Mugs, 3 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 40 people = $1,599
Prizes: 4 Mugs, 4 Gift Cards ($25)
2 Coaches

Up to 50 people = $1,999
Prizes: 5 Mugs, 5 Gift Cards ($25)
3 Coaches

Up to 60 people = $2,399
Prizes: 6 Mugs, 6 Gift Cards ($25)
3 Coaches

Up to 70 people = $2,799
Prizes: 7 Mugs, 7 Gift Cards ($25)
4 Coaches

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REMINDER: This form is for those interested in the special package option. If you are only looking for a regular axe throwing session in Kennewick, please book your session HERE.

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    The Perfect Tri-Cities Bachelor Party

    Not sure if Heber Hatchets is right for your Kennewick-area group activity? Here are a few reasons why we know it's going to be awesome:

    For the boys

    It doesn't get manlier than this! The Heber Hatchets bachelor party package at Heber Hatchets is pure dude-entertainment. We are confident that our axe throwing games will be the perfect bachelor party activity that will leave you wanting to come back again soon. If you're planning a night with the guys in the Washington Tri-Cities, look no further. This is it!

    The minute you step into our venue, the lumberjack vibes will become very apparent. We've gone all-in on that real wood detailing, beards, and flannel vibes. You'll probably even smell the real pine oil in the air. This isn't some half-hearted attempt at something new. It's Heber Hatchets!

    Bring the whole crew

    We're prepared to host up to 50 guys at once on our axe throwing bays. Each bay includes a table and chairs with a clear view of all the action happening around. Get ready for fist-bumps, high-fives, and maybe even a little trash-talking.

    With the Heber Hatchets bachelor party package, axe throwing is only part of the experience. The package gets you extra prizes and fun to make your celebration perfect. Where else in Kennewick are you going to find something like this?!

    Save some dough

    We strive to make booking a Tri-Cities bachelor party seamless and affordable as we can. We also strive to make your party totally customizable. You just let us know what you're looking for and we get to work making it happen.

    Because of all the extras we include in the package, it does cost more than a normal Heber Hatchets session. If you aren't interested in the custom tournament, giveaways, and other perks, then we invite you to reserve a bay for a regular booking. But when you and the guys are ready to do this bachelor party the right way with all the bells and whistles, we are happy to offer the ultimate bachelor experience at a great price!

    Axe throwing games are the most fun when you can play with your crew. We work to make our rates affordable so you can bring all your friends and family with you. You won't find another axe throwing venue in the area who does more for you for less. Get ready for a great time!