Axe Throwing—American Fork

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Did you know that American Fork used to hold an annual celebration called “Timber Day” until 1904? Unfortunately, the timber-inspired event doesn’t happen anymore, but clearly, the folks in American Fork have lumber in their history! We at Heber Hatchets are all about lumber and axes, and our axe throwing games are just a 20-minute drive from our friends in AF.


Axe Throwing—American Fork

Axe throwing is an activity that might sound a little crazy, but is also one of the fastest-growing entertainment trends in the country. It’s more than just hucking an axe; participants compete either as individuals or in teams by throwing hatchets at a wood target to score points. There are a variety of different lumberjack games you can play at Heber Hatchets, and friendly hosts/hostesses to help you!

After a few practice throws to get the hang it, most people are sticking it consistently in no time. The satisfying *thunk* sound when the axe sticks in the wood is worth the quick drive from American Fork! Many folks are a little hesitant their first time, but leave as excited fans!


At our Provo location, we have barrels of tasty lumberjack soda to keep you quenched while you play! We find that a giant mug of frosty sweetness always has a positive effect on the experience. One of the more popular flavors is “Crosscut”, a birch-beer type soda that you definitely need to try if you haven’t had it before.


axe throwing with drinks

Booking Your Axe Throwing—American Fork Residents

You’re welcome to show up without a reservation if you’d like, but reserving in advance is the best way to make sure we’ll have space for you when you come to Heber Hatchets to try out axe throwing. American Fork residents can easily book online here on our website, or give us a call at (801) 613-8960.

Mix it up for your next date night, family outing, or corporate event with the authentic lumberjack experience at Heber Hatchets! Who knows, maybe we’ll even bring “Timber Day” back to AF. . .