Franchising Heber Hatchets

Axe throwing entertainment is the sweeping the nation, and Heber Hatchets has successfully started 6+ different locations. If you're interested in the possibility of franchising a Heber Hatchets location of your own, we'd love to talk!
Already have an axe throwing company? Heber Hatchets also partners with existing venues to provide better marketing, supply-chain management, accounting, and other business needs. We know how to help your axe throwing location succeed!


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Why Start an Axe Throwing Franchise?

Axe throwing is sweeping the nation!

Since this unique entertainment activity started trickling down to the U.S. from Canada, many wise entrepreneurs have recognized the opportunity to lead the charge in taking lumberjack entertainment nationwide. We at Heber Hatchets were quick on the jump ourselves, opening six locations within one year, and it has been a blast! Not only is the business profitable, but it's about the most fun and unique business you could ever start.

Although axe throwing businesses are starting to pop up all over the country, it's still relatively new. Take a look at this chart showing the popularity of the search term "axe throwing" in Google from 2014 to 2019—it went from hardly anybody talking about it to a huge jump in popularity starting about 2018–2019. There is a demand!

Axe Throwing Franchise Benefits

Throughout the process of successfully opening our first six axe throwing venues we learned what it takes to open an axe throwing business. We've been building a multi-location brand by connecting with communities around the country. By starting an axe throwing franchise with Heber Hatchets, you'll get a jump start on grabbing a piece of the pie as the sport continues to grow in popularity. Many people are trying to get started on their own, but we can help you get going faster and with less of a headache. Here are some of the key benefits you'll enjoy by opening up a franchise location (or multiple!) with Heber Hatchets axe throwing:

The Brand

Heber Hatchets isn't just a company—it's an experience! While other axe throwing businesses try to throw some targets together quickly and call it good, we have fully embraced the lumberjack vibe and earned some loyal fans in the process.

Each of our venues is renovated and decorated so that as soon as guests walk inside they know they've been transported to the backwoods. We're all about the sawdust, flannel, beards and pine sap. No other axe throwing company does it better!

Our promotional events, social media, and even our axe throwing games are all built around helping guests experience something unique as they unleash their inner lumberjack or jill. By opening a Heber Hatchets franchise your venue will become the best brand in town from day one!

The Process

Starting an axe throwing business is no easy task—we learned that firsthand in our early days through trial and error as we looked for ways to keep supply costs low. As you would expect, axe throwing companies go through a lot of wood! We eventually developed relationships and distribution channels that allow us to get the best kind of wood for throwing at the best price, delivered right to our venues. When you join the team by opening your own franchise location, you won't need to go through the same struggles we did. Your supply, processing, and rates are already good to go. And let us be the first to tell you—that's a HUGE benefit!

The Marketing

Instead of putting in the time and money to start a brand new website and fight to rank well online, franchising with Heber Hatchets will put your new location right onto our already-established website. Not only have we already worked to perform well online, but our professional team of SEO and marketing gurus will continue to work on your location's web page even after it is published.

We of course want all of our franchise locations to be successful, so we work hard to push new business to the site. Don't swim upstream—start your new axe throwing venue on the best foot possible with established hosting, optimization, web design, and ongoing strategy to help you succeed. We've already done most of the work for you!

The Team

We love axe throwing, plain and simple! It's not just a business for us—we truly enjoy seeing communities across the nation discover and enjoy the thrill of axe throwing.

When you decide to franchise a new axe throwing location with Heber Hatchets, you join a team of people who truly want to see you and your business succeed. We welcome ideas and feedback as we work together to spread this unique and family-friendly activity nationwide.

Let's talk! We look forward to discussing what we can make happen together.

a group of friends celebrating an axe throwing score at Heber Hatchets