The Original Quickshot Shooting Gallery

Cowboy Quickshot shooting is for all the people who played cowboy in the back yard as a kid.

It's for the people who have always wondered what it would be like to step into their favorite western movie.

It's for the folks who are nervous around real guns but would enjoy a safe, simulated experience where they can learn gun safety and experience the excitement of competitive shooting.

And it's for the real cowboys and cowgirls who know how to shoot and are eager for the chance to show their crew once and for all who has the quickest gun in town!

Cowboy Quickshot is for everyone, and the very first business of its kind! We bring the thrill of old west quickdraw shooting to you as a safe and unique entertainment experience. As the first-ever wax-bullet shooting gallery, our mission is to encourage gun safety while providing some out-of-the-ordinary fun that everyone can enjoy—from someone who has never picked up a gun to Wyatt Earp himself.

Cowboy Quickshot is a step right into the Old West. So, saddle up and come see for yourself!


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Cowboy Quickshot Shooting: The Fastest Fun in Town

We know that guns make some people nervous, and it's good to be careful! At Cowboy Quickshot, the bullets, gun and targets used for our quickdraw shooting games are specially made for safe indoor entertainment.

The Bullets

Our guns shoot wax bullets! We do not have any regular ammunition available and do not allow guests to bring their own firearms. The wax bullets are shot from a casing that contains only a primer, no gun powder. Since the bullets are wax, they disintegrate upon impact! Although you definitely wouldn't want to be hit by one, the wax bullets are non-lethal. No worries!

The Gun

While the bullets are modified to be safe to be used for our shooting games, the guns themselves are the real deal! If you've ever shot a Colt .45 revolver before, you'll recognize the familiar weight and feel in your hand. You'll feel like just a real Wild West cowboy each time you whip it from its holster (safely pointed down range, of course).

The Target

It's fun to just shoot the guns, but let's be real—you want to know which if your family or friends is the best shot!

Once your gun is loaded and holstered, you'll take your stance facing the target. Each of the targets has a light that flashes two times, followed by a third flash which will go off at a random, unpredictable time following the first two flashes. That third flash is when it's time to draw and shoot!

If you miss your target, no score for you. But, if you manage to shoot straight and hit your mark, the target is engineered to measure your reaction time! As soon as your wax bullet hits home, you'll see your time pop up on the timer to the nearest hundredth of a second. Get ready to square off against your fellow cowboys and cowgirls for some fast-paced fun and bragging rights!